4| cats and dogs

On Tuesday, August 4, 2009, at 16.00, the fourth exhibition from the Young Romanian Art series will be opened in the New Gallery of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice, Italy. The exhibition is entitled 'cats and dogs', and it brings together works by Suzana Dan and the No Limits Missionary.

People are lonelier than animals. People are lonelier than their own pets. Feed the animals, take them for a walk, and they will be happy. In return, they will hand over their biorhythm as a compensation for your own inner disorders. You will also have the feeling that they can offer all their love.

You tell your friend - you know, animals love without any restraint, unlike people do. You say it to your lover or your wife or your husband, knowing that you cannot get the same from them. Or maybe you love yourself so much that you can afford to nurture a small soul out of sheer love for life.

Sometimes it all goes too far. Religious ladies combine the love for God with a more earthly kind of love. This is how clothing items for animals are created, made of precious materials, tailored to their size. These ladies spend hours on end somewhere inside the house, quietly weaving the margins of the little garments. Then they place their pets inside the small clothes before letting them run around the house, or taking them out for a walk.

Young Romanian Art is Mircea Nicolae's residency project at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice, during which the artist functions as an organizer and a curator. This series of one-week exhibitions aims at promoting young Romanian art during the Venice Art Biennial 2009.