july 16 - july 23 / 2009

Black Hole
/ Razvan Botis – two round mirrors, three metal brackets.

Glass shards bring luck / Daniel Knorr – glasses made from recycled glass.

Untitled / Mihai Iepure – Gorsky – the marks of two feet, filmed on the edge of a block of flats, suggestive of suicidal indecision, 17” video. Watch the video here.

Cold hands / Razvan Botis – film photograph.

Resin / Razvan Botis - fir tree plank, gold.

The Mountain / Mihai Iepure – Gorsky – 100 x 70 cm photograph.

Hidden time / Cezar Lazarescu - Wall clock with the screen painted white. The visual marker
of time is removed. Sound is the only proof of this clock’s functioning.

Commissioned by ULU | Contemporary Art for the exhibition “Friends of the Divided Mind” at the Royal College of Art, London, 2009