october 16 - october 23 / 2009

The binoculars were a backup plan. Initially, I thought about a dildo. But I was not invited by myself to the loneliness show.

Lorin invited me with our professor. So, although I also had the dildo in my purse, I gave Lala the binoculars. I would have been quite embarrassed. So I thought binoculars = voyeurism = loneliness.

Whatever, you got it...


I have various mirrors at my place, five is the number. I do not know why there are so many, I received them, and then I accepted their presence.

Trying to know and establish something, I need to sit down and look inside. I go over the threshold, toward loneliness - sometimes efficient and beneficial, and sometimes demonic. Mirroring in someone else failed.

Les chausettes depareillees et les brosses a dents solitaires sont a l'ordre du jour depuis long temps.

It is only me, and it is dark here. Actually, we do not like to be by ourselves, as we imagine it to be easier to clean the house together, as part of a team. Looking for the principle of the mirror I tend to believe that at the end it will show someone who is not afraid of darkness and loneliness


The object is a loneliness kit. A measurement cup made of good ceramics, which gives you a comforting sensation. Lime tea, well known for its calming effect.


The porcelain statue bought by me and Milos from Amzei Square (just opposite Angst). It had a sister, who is now at Milos’ place. And thus, he was left alone.

It is a little bent and female like (he's a babe). He is lonelier now.


There was a present in the little box. I threw the present away, only the box remained.


This is a reproduction of Picasso’s painting from the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, which I did not visit with him. Things didn't turn out the way they should have.

And he was my artist and I was his muse, and we had tens of mornings together.

He used to caress me and let me sleep until he came back,

Kissed me on my forehead.

And then, the mornings when he did not notice me anymore.


I am obsessed with the idea of loneliness within a couple. I am obsessed by dysfunctional couples, and I have so many bad memories about those moments.

I think that if you cannot find your soul mate during your lifetime, it is more reasonable to be by yourself. Alone. That’s it. You and you. And to smile, to face every morning smiling, the image of your lonely toothbrush in front of the mirror. Loneliness in one single toothbrush in the glass from the bathroom. Loneliness in two is lame. It is sad. It sucks. Don’t forget to buy a nice toothbrush!

Rucsandra Ana

The telephone that never rings.


My object was a lipstick. Someone wrote with it on the wall on the subway when we were not able to talk. Then, she gave it to me. People totally ignored us. After a week, the handwriting had disappeared.


When I chose the Rubik cube, I had no idea why. It was more like intuition. Meanwhile, I got the answers.

Loneliness scares me, but most of all, loneliness in two kills me. I lived it.

I try in these moments to do something, to keep myself busy, so that I do not feel uncomfortable. I generally look for a little game, an object, something insignificant. I study that object, attentively looking at a globe full of water and shiny dots, but the Rubik cubes are ideal.


jean_lorin: I brought

jean_lorin: the soup pack

jean_lorin: for one

corina bratu: ah

corina bratu: I did not know

jean_lorin: you have one cup of soup

jean_lorin: witnessing the solitary evenings

corina bratu: I figured it out

jean_lorin: you don’t have to share

jean_lorin: and it is specifically designed for lonely people

jean_lorin: it’s kind of sad...

corina bratu: do you mean the taste?

jean_lorin: ha ha

corina bratu: the quantity

jean_lorin: no, the quantity

jean_lorin: yes


I know of nobody reading Eminescu nowadays, least of all in French…


My object – the phone – which I broke in a moment of discouragement and anger, when I felt I had nobody.


This object offers simple, extremist solutions, without discrimination. A delicate gun which could put and end to loneliness, but will not. Guess what? It’s a tooooy!


I brought you the weever. I took it from Sulina three years ago. Its link with loneliness? I broke up with my boyfriend then, in Sulina. We had been together for 6 years. So, long story short: I was by myself in Sulina. The weever is now with you, and so on.


What was the name of the 8th grade pupils, which are the topics of my future letters, what play list do I have today, what is the difference between I have to and I want to, why do I want to work for you?

Why Scarlet O’Hara makes me angry, what should I cook, what prayers do we use today, how could one be forever young, how come girls are a waste of time for boys, how does a boy fall in love without knowing it?

All my answers or other people’s answers are buried right here. Here are the moments when I had nothing to do.


I work in a huge hall, with 200 people, in an open space which destroys any kind of intimacy, and these earphones help me grant myself an impossible loneliness.


I’ve been thinking a lot before separating from my cyan sock, as it was so beautiful. I was disappointed to see that other people had brought socks as well, but in two pieces. Mine seemed special, when Lorin took it out from the bag and asked “What’s its story?”. It was a lonely sock.


Every time I put the diving goggles and dove into the water, I had the feeling that the glass wall of an aquarium had been placed between me and the rest of existence. But it was I who was inside the aquarium, losing my connection with others…


carmen: In an access of atrocious loneliness, I fiercely turned off my computer and went to the Museum of Geology, hoping some fossil would want to know me. The custodian could have been a good match, but I was tough and surprised to hear myself saying, in the tone of a divorced woman: "Two tickets, please"

carmen: if you don’t like it, you can change it

jean_lorin: was it spontaneous?

carmen: it is not totally true

carmen: do I have to tell the truth?

The Museum of Geology was laughing at me and, in order to prove it that I am an independent woman with two pairs of balls, I quickly penetrated it, and buying as many tickets as I was offered… There was a maximum of two, I put them in my pocket and figured it out: even the ticket has a friend and plays with it in my coat.


carmen: this is the truth

jean_lorin :...

carmen: ?


A piece of Sahara.

Desert = emptiness, scary and arid; rigid.

All this means loneliness for me.


I am so lonely that my little carpet from the entrance looks impeccable. No dust. Would it have been different if I had a little carpet saying "Welcome"?


I brought the clock because all that changes when I am by myself is time. Time passes by really weirdly, slowly, sometimes it passes me by. But it also flows quite rapidly, and then I find myself wasting it.

I can do almost nothing, I usually do not eat. This is not a declaration of love or a pleading for couples or collectivity. And that watch, in my kitchen, making a noise (a noise which did not stop in the plastic bag on the way to your place).


We have high-tech objects deeply entering our lives, produced by strong brands, protected by tens of patents and laws of intellectual property. We have, on a parallel market, much more difficult to control, "folkloric" objects.

Lorin told me that the topic was "loneliness" and that I had to bring an object, so that Lala can guide me to the apartment. I brought two hugging little objects, for salt and pepper. Half of the world’s population has this kind of objects, I think. One can even make the small figurines assume pornographic positions while eating one’s soup.

They are part of a greater population than Romania. What it is more important is that they are never left alone. Just take care not to break one.