ny arts magazine

Ny Arts Magazine publishes artist presentations. In the summer issue for 2010 you will also find a text about my own work.

The editors entitled my presentation - 'A young Beuys'. Serious readers will be skeptical when seeing the title. There were also other young Beuys-like artists - like Matthew Barney, to give one example. I cannot say that I am drawn by artistic production.

However, in the last few years I have learnt to love Joseph Beuys.

The article is an outcome of the Young Romanian Art project. Some of the artists presented by me in Venice are also presented in this issue of the magazine, which has a focus on Romania.

To read the articles, click on the links below.

  1. Razvan Botis
  2. Michele Bressan
  3. Dragos Burlacu
  4. Simion Cernica
  5. Elena Ciobanu
  6. Cuzina
  7. Bogdan Girbovan
  8. Mihai Iepure-Gorski
  9. Vlad Nanca
  10. Mircea Nicolae
  11. Veda Popovici
  12. Lea Rasovszky