12 | youngsters

On Saturday, October 24, 2009, at 16.00, exhibition number 12 from the Young Romanian Art series will be opened in the New Gallery of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice, Italy. The exhibition is entitled 'youngsters', and it brings together works by Bogdan Garbovan and Malina Ionescu.

Photography is a record of reality. This seems to be its mission, from its very beginnings as medium. A seemingly scientific motivation animates it, a need to discover the world, in its slightest details.

An image seems to be the ultimate proof. This is also the basic statement of an entire mythology.

Bogdan Garbovan and Malina Ionescu seem to take sides with this type of truth. They are both looking for a certain objectivity, which is visible in the method used to take photos. The final product is in both cases a series of portraits.

They both present the facts, as they are.

Young Romanian Art is Mircea Nicolae's residency project at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice, during which the artist functions as an organizer and a curator. This series of one-week exhibitions aims at promoting young Romanian art during the Venice Art Biennial 2009.