10 | slightly bored

On Thursday, October 8, 2009, at 16.00, the tenth exhibition from the Young Romanian Art series will be opened in the New Gallery of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice, Italy. The exhibition is entitled 'slightly bored', and it brings together works by Alina Samoschi, Dragos Platon and Claudiu Ciobanu.

We are sinking into boredom as if in a middle-sized pool. Each of us has his own well-defined place. Somebody is sitting at the computer. Someone else is standing near the copy machine. We all talk on the phone. If you asked one of us what we are doing, how we feel, we might try to cover up things and say we are slightly bored.

Even outside, wrapped in our branded clothes, posing, smiling, we are sinking in the same liquid. Water tones down all the colors of our coats until they become completely white. Only an outline remains.

Superficial and useless, or maybe only amused up to the surface, we might seem elegant, thoughtful, professional. We like to think we are only slightly unhappy.

Young Romanian Art is Mircea Nicolae's residency project at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice, during which the artist functions as an organizer and a curator. This series of one-week exhibitions aims at promoting young Romanian art during the Venice Art Biennial 2009.