august 24 - august 31 / 2009

The Holy Trinity / Teo Isfan, acrylic on canvas

Nebula / Teo Isfan, acrylic on canvas

The cross / Teo Isfan, acrylic on skateboards

The Holy Helmet / No Limits Missionary, orthodox priest gown, World War I helmet

Symbols and signs of the church adorn the former green-colored army designs. They render it visible and they also incapacitate and transform its protecting function. The helmet had to hide its possessor by closely mimicking its surroundings. Now, the whole environment seems to have changed. The new surroundings impose a leap of faith, a new extravagant and cruel way of making war. Purple - the sacred color of the rulers of Eastern Christianity, laced with gold, embellishes the bloodiest relic of all.

The Holy Helmet is partly a piece of the armor for the Unknown Soldier. The whole scope of militaristic fervor is tuned to a highly decorative past, the glories of which it seems to imprison. As with the colonial 'red coats' it marks the one who wears it, exposing him as a grand target.