july 24 - july 31 / 2009

The Square Cat
/ Alexandru Ciubotariu – paste-ups on the walls of Bucharest.

Rat car / Andy Sinboy – intervention in public space.

Entropy / Tudor Prisacariu – photo slideshow. Romania goes through a complex process of transformation, with a dramatic impact on all aspects of life. Besides the change in mentality, the landscape is irreversibly transformed. These changes are more visible in the cities, but can be observed in rural areas and other parts of the country. A project that attempts to better understand Romania, through a photographic documentation of over 40 places in the country.

Record / Tudor Bratu – artist book, 350 photocopied pages. Over 700 images document the similarities of urban landscape in Berlin, Bucharest, Amsterdam, Brussels, Seoul and Tallinn, creating the impression of an endless journey, as a continuous repetition.

Album / Tudor Bratu – artist book, A4 pages. A family album that was photocopied.

Ode to joy / Elena Ciobanu - Elena went to the area of Baneasa in Bucharest and wrote the verses of the poem by Friedrich Schiller on the walls of the buildings in the new residential complex. This is an enormous exclusivist collectivity, a sign of social separatism, a powerful characteristic of the urban space of Bucharest after the Revolution. Series of photos of the intervention.

Coca Cola / Andy Sinboy – intervention in public space. Andy manufactured a fake Coca-Cola bottle cap, the size of the enormous bottle hanging over one of the blocks of flats in the center of the city.