I won an six-months residency at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Venice, during the Venice Biennial. I was supposed to exhibit in the new gallery on the ground floor. However, I decided to share this exhibition space. For five months out of six, my residency turns into a curatorial program. A series of young Romanian artists will be represented on the international art scene through a series of exhibitions. This five-months showcase will become an important archive of young Romanian art.

Artists were invited to participate via a call for projects. Stimulated by the venue, they submitted their works, thus enlarging the archive. The pieces will be exhibited from July 5, 2009 to November 20, 2009.

Young Romanian Art is an exhibition idea that can be used by other Romanian artists, if they are interested in organizing exhibitions and promoting their peers during their months of residency in other locations. On its return home, the exhibition will become the core collection of a self-appointed, temporary museum of young Romanian art.

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